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Kat and Ian talking to fans after filming last night (x)

When we first came up with the idea, we thought, “Here’s these two totally unlikely people that are going to get stuck in this situation together,” so we always just thought that that in and of itself was just the moment. Then the closer and closer we got to it, with filming it with the wind and the lights and everything, we thought it would be so beautiful to have this moment where they both basically believe and know that they’re going to die and not go to the Other Side but disappear into oblivion, and to find comfort in each other, proving that you can overcome any obstacle with another human being — and Damon and Bonnie have had, if nothing else, a lot of obstacles. So we were really proud of that moment. I’m glad you liked it.

Julie Plec on Bamon in the finale (x)

Kat Graham for Cosmopolitan Romania (August, 2014)


Comic-Con Mid-Season Trailer!!! 

mr. & mrs. hale


My new Bamon video… hope you guys will enjoy it! ♥

►Damon & Bonnie | Waiting Game


little did she know how literal that would become

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